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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

dubai aquarium & underwater zoo

Dubai Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world where more than thousands aquatic animals live there!!!
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Dubai Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world where more than thousands aquatic animals live there. This aquarium really amaze me because it located in ground level of the biggest mall in Dubai. How come it retain 10 milion litre of water? Anyway, everything is possible in Dubai. I'm so grateful could visit this super wonderful city.  From the entrance, we come inside the tunnel. Actually this tunnel is not too long, so me and my friends taking so much picture in this tunnel.

dubai aquarium & underwater zoo

Out from the amazing tunnel, we go to Underwater Zoo which located in one floor above the tunnel. In this place, you can see so many kind of underwater animal. They have interesting collections. 

dubai aquarium & underwater zoo

dubai aquarium & underwater zoodubai aquarium & underwater zoo

In this underwater zoo, you can feed the fishes. Each of us given a glass of jar which consist of fish food and before we feed the fishes, the guide take us around while explain about diving stuffs and quarantine place of sick fish. 

dubai aquarium & underwater zoo

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Hi guys, today I'm going to visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo which located in Ground Level of Dubai Mall, near the Burj Khalifa. I visit this place with all of my classmates and our lecture by school bus. Actually, visit Dubai Aquarium is become one of our agenda during this student exchange. The ticket price about AED 126 per person, lucky me because this is included to our agenda so I don't have to pay additional cost.

dubai aquarium & underwater zoo

Tips dan Trik dubai aquarium & underwater zoo

Better you do online booking before entering the aquarium here. It's okay to bring camera in this aquarium, but be carefull of the flashlight. For you who love diving, you also can dive in this aquarium, but you have to pay additional fee for the diving stuffs. This aquarium is made from glass with thickness 75 cm and built in 11 meters under the sea, so it still safe for you who want to bring children to this aquarium. Anyway, is quite interesting and educational for children, so don't forget take you family and children to this aquarium :)

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