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Burj Khalifa Dubai

burj khalifa dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai is the tallest building in the world.
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As we know, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. This building consist of 154 floors or about 585,5 meters high and only one minutes to arrive at the top of the building. WOW! The lift has speed until 10 meters per second. Very fantastic! No wonder to reach the top of this building, only need a minutes. Before go inside, you need to pay admission fee about AED 130 per person. 

burj khalifa dubai

This buiding is open daily from 08.30 am to 10 pm and today I only have less than an hour to enjoy this place, so I could spend it for taking picture.  From this observatory floor, I could see all of Dubai City from above. Very amazing. 

burj khalifa dubaiburj khalifa dubai

Burj Khalifa is consist of apartments, offices, Hotel and observatory room.This building has become heaven for art lovers and there are more than 1000 art works which made special from Middle East and international artist. During this tour, there is a guide will guide you and explain the history of the building. 

burj khalifa dubai

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Hi guys, this is my first experience going abroad and now I'm gonna visit Dubai. Actually, I'm going to Dubai for student exchange which held for 2 weeks. Well, I'll be in this famous city for 14 days. It will amazing because the trip is not only about education but also about traveling. That's why I'm so excited.

Starting my journey from Jakarta at 07.45 am and arrive in Dubai at 1.10 pm. This trip take more than 8 hours trip and lucky me Emirates has direct flight to Dubai, so I don't have to worry for transit.

burj khalifa dubai

Arriving at Dubai International Airport, I picked up by comitee who held this student exchange programs. On the first day, they took me and other members to visit Burj Khalifa which located in 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd. Not too far from the airport.

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Well, an hour has passed and it's time to go back to apartment for orientation with other friends in this programs. It's my unforgetable moment to visit the tallest building in the world. For you who has Acropobhia, be careful if you're going outside the observation, don't look at outside the glass. Bring camera for capturing moment. Always keep this place clean and don't litter. By the way, they said that this building has good panorama at night, so prefer you come in at evening :) 


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