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16 Nov 2017

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Akihabara Street - Paradise of Anime & J-Pop Lovers

Akihabara known as electronic center where you can buy electrical stuff with cheap price.

Hal yang dilakukan akihabara street

Akihabara known as electronic center where you can buy electrical stuff with cheap price. Also, in this place there so many cafe anime themed, teenagers wear costume-play, such a must visit place for J-Pop Lovers, anime, manga, figure and of course gamer.

                                             akihabara street

                                       akihabara street                                          

As the largest shopping center in Japan, Akiba always become one of favorite tourism destination in Japan. There are hundreds of shops which sell product themed manga and anime that always visited by tourists. 

                                            akihabara street

 For you who are anime lovers, I suggest you to visit anime store in Akiba. You can find pillow, key chain, t-shirt and costume themed anime and manga. When in Akiba, I visit Kotobukiya. This shop sell many stuff about anime, manga and game. Also, you can find figure action and souvenirs typical of Akihabara.

                                           akihabara street  

                        akihabara street

                        akihabara street

Besides, there are hundreds of electronic shop which sell camera, laptop, handphone, tv or others electric stuff. These shops are cheaper than others shop and if you can't speak japanese, many store provide various language. 


                                                            Watch this video for more information: Video by TokyoSreetView - Japan The Beautiful



Cara ke Sana akihabara street

Another famous street after Shibuya is Akihabara. Starting my journey from Shibuya Station to Akihabara station which is need 30 minutes only and the fare is cheap, around 600 Yen. Arriving in Akihabara station, only 5 minutes walk you'll arrive at Akihabara.



Tips dan Trik akihabara street

  • Bring camera
  • Bring more money
  • Wear comfortable shoes

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