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6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 6'

wisata di hongkong

Today is my last day in Hong Kong. I will go to Causaway Bay. Want to know what activities can be done in this place? Come follow me.
Hal yang dilakukan

Causeway Bay is a place for you who like to shop. Here a lot of shops, and parks. Not only that this is where the stadium is where sports and entertainment is held throughout the year. This is one of the very interesting places in Hong Kong. Lots of tourists who come to this place. I see some tourists from several countries. This place is very interesting. Especially for you who really like to shop. There can also buy some souvenirs for the people you love. This place is very crowded in congested.


Not only that you can also take pictures here. Although this place is very crowded hehehe. Here I really enjoy the beauty and the city crowd. There are countless shops lined up neatly around this place. Visit here there are from some circles like children, adults and even parents.

This place has always been a destination for tourists. Although there are very few show attractions in this place but a lot of users who spend time in this place to shop even just looking around.


I bought some souvenirs in this place. After I satisfied shopping back to Indonesia. Go to the airport by taxi and board the Tiger Air and transit plane in Singapore then continue the journey to Indonesia.

Cara ke Sana

To get to this place I have to use MRT for 6 hours 47 minutes.

Tips dan Trik wisata di hongkong

  1. Bring a camera.
  2. Bring your wallet and important documents.
  3. Do not litter.
  4. Bring medicine.
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