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6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 4'

wisata di hongkong

Today I bring all my goods because it will move to a Sentra Hotel located in the city of Macau. But I don’t go directly to the hotel. Because I will go to some interesting sights. Want to know what place I will go? Follow me.
Hal yang dilakukan

St. Paulruin this is a church that survived the great fire of 1835. In this place you will see beautiful scenery. When I got to this place I immediately took pictures from several positions. Very beautiful and extraordinary. If to this place do not miss to take pictures. For the photo hunters, this one tourist attraction is certainly very interesting. Especially if the weather is sunny, the splendor of the ruins of this church is very beautiful combined with blue sky. You can take angles that show greatness or that show details of building ornaments. Garden around St Paulruin Church is charming. With green and red collaboration and neat ladder steps, your photos can be stunning. If more patient, wait for the evening. The lights around this area are already lit and the color of the golden sky at sunset will add to the charm of St Paulruin Church. No wonder if this place became a tourist destination on vacation to Macau. So many musical performances were held on the steps of St. Paulruin Church that the dramatic effect of a stage.


After taking pictures in this place I went to Hotel Vanetian Macau. Venetian macau has 30 floors are quite spacious. On the first and second floors there is a very large casino. If you enter this place you must pass some checks. Like a passport and prohibited to bring a camera in this place. Those allowed to enter are people aged 17 years and over. This time I will look around hehehe.Talking about shopping, Venetian Resort will make you fascinated while giving up your pocket to get a variety of international quality goods. Go up to the second floor which is the center of the department store. There are at least 3 shopping areas that you can explore, the first being Grand Canal, Four Seasons and Cotai Central. On the Grand Canal there are over 350 international brands that open outlets here. While shopping at Four Seasons you will be treated to 160 brands from renowned designers such as Audemers Piguet, Bottega Veneta, Cartier, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This place is very crowded and crowded.



After exploring this place, I went looking for the nearest hotel to rest. We headed to Sentra Hotel which is 8km away from this place using taxi with travel time about 10 minutes.

The fifth day I went to Ngong Ping Village. See my story on the fifth day.

6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 5'

Cara ke Sana

From the hotel I headed for a taxi ride to the harbor on board the waterjet boat. Then I took the MTR to Sheung Wan and boarded the boat again to St Paulruin.

Tips dan Trik wisata di hongkong

  1. Do not bring the camera if it goes to Venetian
  2. Bring your original passport
  3. Bring medicine
  4. Do not litter
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