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6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 3'

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Hi, still with me who is vacationing in Hongkong. This is my third day in here. Want to know where to go today I will travel? Come follow me.
Hal yang dilakukan

After until I look around. This is amazing. The scenery in this place is incredible. Victoria Harbor is the largest port in Asia and occupies the third position for world level. The first and second positions are occupied by San Francisco and Rio De Janeiro. It's so incredible.Many activities you can do in here. Like the Symphony of Lights, this is one of the many attractions enjoyed by tourists during the night. Symphony Of Lights involves 44 buildings with exterior decorations on both sides of Victoria harbor and interspersed with music. The show was first held by the Hong Kong government in 2004. At that time the Hong Kong government held the Symphony Of Lights show because to attract tourists to come to Hongkong.

Very great. But unfortunately I can not enjoy this show because I am here at noon.

After that I walked to Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Promenade. This place became one of the locations visited by many tourists. The atmosphere here is very romantic especially at sunset. Suitable for you who again bring the couple can to this place.


This place is in the middle of Victoria Harbor. The Waterfront Promenade cost 190 million Hong Kong dollars for its builders. And once built, this place also became the location of several other interesting attractions in Hong Kong, including Cultural Center, Avenue of Stars, Urban Council Centenary Garden and others.


Further entertainment is the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade and Avenue of Stars. This time very unique on Avenue Of Stars because this place is a chinese version of Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Avenue Of Stars is built along the path Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Promenade. This place also becomes how long the history of the 100-year-old chinese movie. One of the most popular here is the presence of Bruce Lee statue. Not infrequently if many people are willing to come to this place just to be able to take pictures with the statue. Moreover the background behind the statue is also very interesting.


After the journey in this place we walked to the Apple Store. Apple Store This is a store built by Apple itself. Its location lies in the IFC mall. Entering this 2-storey shop, it seems to be confused if you do not have a purpose. The shop is always crowded crowded by prospective customers. But this time I just walk the course guys hehehe. If you go to this place do not miss to go up the glass staircase (glass circular staircase), which was designed by Steve Jobs for Apple Store in all Apple Store. When stepping on this glass nan thin steps, it was quite anxious whether it will be broken by the weight of this size. Luckily after 3-4 the ladder of worry was gone and turned into admiration.


On the 2nd floor is also very crowded, visitors are very much. After a satisfied walk in this place, I decided to get out of the Apple Store and take a bus to Madame Tussaud. This place is a museum wax statue of famous figures and artists of the world. But most are world celebrities. To enter this place you have to buy tickets for HKD 225 and for children HKD 155. The wax sculptures in Madame Tussaund are very similar to the original. Starting from his height, his hair to his skin color. So if you want to this place do not miss to take pictures.


After a satisfied picture I went up to the second floor to the The Peak. The Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and can be said of the most interesting environment to see the panoramic views of the city of Hong Kong. Certainly the air above will feel cold. In order to see panoramic views of the city of Hong Kong 360 degrees can go up to the Peak Tower. During the day we will see the expanse of skyscrapers, if the night lights sparkling expanse of the buildings. Do not miss taking pictures in this place because the scenery is very beautiful and amazing.


After satisfied take pictures, finally I decided to the hotel. Very tiring guys. But very fun hehehe. Let me follow me on hongkong day four with me.

The fourth day I will go to ST Paulruin.

6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 4'

Cara ke Sana

This sunny morning I will go to Victoria Harbour. This is one of the tourist attractions that you can enjoy in a free way. But make no mistake, even though this place is open for free, you will get an amazing experience. This place is very close to the hotel that I live in, which is only 8 minutes using taxi.

Tips dan Trik wisata di hongkong

  1. Bring a camera
  2. Bring a comfortable sandals
  3. Bring a travel bag
  4. Bring medicine
  5. Do not litter.
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