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6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 2'

wisata di hongkong

Hi guys, meet me again. Today is my second day in Hong Kong. Want to know where to go today? Come follow me ...
Hal yang dilakukan

Around 10 am I arrived at Disneyland Hongkong. We bought the entrance ticket for HKD 499. After I got the ticket, I went to Disneyland. Before entering this place there check bag first. Officers will confiscate heavy meals such as rice but for snacks and drinks are allowed to enter. So if you want to save money, bring snacks and mineral water. Not bad for the stomach. Hehehe.

Because today is not a day off then this place is pretty quiet. But that does not mean this place is quiet guys. A lot of tourists from several countries who came at this Hong Kong Disneyland.Disneyland Hongkong is very knowledgeable guys. Universal Studio Singapore is still less hehehe.


It is divided into adventure land, fantasy land, grizzly gluch, main street usa, mystic point, tomorrow land and toy story land. This place is perfect for kids guys. So for you who are bringing your baby for a vacation, get to this place.

Lots of games in this place guys, like Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine, Space Mountain, and Rc Racer. You must try one by one. Hehehe. Well besides that you can also take pictures as much as possible in this place.


There are also two restaurants here, namely Tahitian Terace in Advanture land and Explorer's Club in Mystic Point Zone. We decided to have lunch at Tahitian Terace, I was a bit interested in this one eating place because it sells south and Indian food types. If you want to this place must come noon, because this place to eat open at 12 noon.


After that you can also take pictures with cartoon characters. I get some photos with different cartoon characters. Hehehe.

At 7 pm, the journalist's group guides reminded us to gather right in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle before 8 pm. Because if passing from that hour, the streets certainly have been met by many people who want to wait for fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle.


The exploration at Disneyland is over. Almost all the good rides we've enjoyed together. After that We went to hotel using taxi and spend the night there.

On the third day we were going to victoria harbor. You want to know? Follow me on the third day

6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 3'

Cara ke Sana

Filling in the second day activities in Hong Kong, we decided to travel at Disneyland Hongkong. To get to this place we use MTR and get off at Sunny Bay MTR, then proceed MTR Disneyland Resort with typical Disney Mickey picture, very cute hehe. This train will take us to Disneyland Theme Park. The train is very unique. Because of the windows and handrails that shaped Mickey's head. For a circular seat can only accommodate 5 people and the other stands.


Tips dan Trik wisata di hongkong

  1. Bring your camera to capture beautiful moments
  2. Bring medicine
  3. Bring sandals or comfortable shoes
  4. Do not litter
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