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6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 1'

wisata di hongkong

Hello guys, this time I’m travelling to Macau city in Hongkong with my friend.
Hal yang dilakukan

I was quite pleased because the hotel was living up to my expectations. It was very comfortable. After taking a shower and lounging for a while, we decided to first visit the Ladies Market on the evening by taxi. This place is only open on the evenings. It was located in Mongkok area, which is full of stores and shops, and is very crowded. After nightfall, this area is closed for vehicles so that people can walk and stroll to shop at this market. Here, it is full of stores with bags, dresses, shoes, souvenirs, accessories, and many things so you can go on a shopping spree to your heart’s content.


But, the stuffs here in the Ladies Market is costs quite a fortune, so we had to haggle A LOT. For me, the most interesting stuffs are the handbags. Those (fake) branded bags are sold everywhere in here. And the quality is quite nice. I decided to buy the Hong Kong local stuffs that has a cute and unique design because I bet that no one else have this kind of bag back at home.


After shopping, we went back to the hotel to get our beauty sleep. Well, wasn’t that an interesting day? Follow my stories tomorrow for our next day in Hong Kong.

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6 days of vacation in Hong Kong 'part 2'

Cara ke Sana

Hello guys, this time I’m travelling to Macau city in Hongkong with my friend .My flight this time using Tiger Air and transit plane in Singapore then on the way to Hongkong. After arriving at Hongkong Airport, we took the underground MTR to get to the Imigration department. It’s so cool because here at Hongkong, everything is organized neatly. The Airport Staffs wear medical masks and gloves. They will take the children passengers’ body temperature with infrared thermometers. The staffs are very active in pointing the passengers to Imigration.

It’s actually not very hard to travel to Hong Kong, especially Macau city even on your own, because the information and directions in this city is very complete and accompanied with the English translations. You can also find Tourism Information Centers for travelers.

After going through the Imigrations, we bought some MTR cards. These cards can be refunded later in Hong Kong International Airport. Finally, we grabbed a taxi to Hotel Icon for 35 minutes, and according to my GPS, the Hotel was 33km from the Airport.


Tips dan Trik wisata di hongkong

  1. Bring a camera
  2. Wear a small and compact bag to hold your stuffs
  3. Wear good and comfortable sandals because it will be A LOT of walking around
  4. Bring some band-aids and mini-first aid kit
  5. Don’t litter
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