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Gusto Family Restaurant

Gusto Restaurant is one of largest chain restaurant in Japan, you can find Gusto Restaurant anywhere in Japan.

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Another family restaurant in Tokyo with cheap price. Gusto family restaurant is located at 3-17-4, Shinjuku, just one minute walk from from Shinjuku Station. As you know that Japan offers some various of delicious Japanese food, such as ramen, sushi, sashimi, katsu and many more, but Gusto not offer Japanese cuisine. They offer steaks and hamburgers, the most interesting is the price are very cheap. 

gusto restaurant

Gusto Restaurant is one of largest chain restaurant in Japan, you can find Gusto Restaurant anywhere in Japan. In Shinjuku, the restaurant is not too big but it has many tables fo you who come with group.

gusto restaurant

As I said before, this restaurant is offer burgers and beef, so I had their cheese in Hamburger with price around 550 Yen. It's a popular menu in this restaurant whhere thick and creamy cheese has been inserted inside the hamburger before being grilled to perfection.

gusto restaurant

For the dessert, I had Uji Matcha Cream Anmitsu which consist of jelly cubes, azuki bean paste and fruit slices topped with sweet syrup with price about 399 yen. The taste is combination between sweet and biter from the matcha, but it's very delicious.

gusto restaurant

Other thing that make me fall in love with this restaurant is their drink bars. There are several set options tho choose from with price only 399 yen, not only drink but also rice and soup. 

gusto restaurant

The atmosphere is calm and warm where everyone can be casual. I really feel comfortable eating here, moreover, the service was good, the staffs were friendly and helpful. I really can't read their menu, because their menu only available in Japanese and they help me to choos what I want.

So, for you who visit Japan and looking for western style food with cheap price, I recommend you to come here and let your hunger be satisfied here :) 

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