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27 Dec 2017

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Kani Doraku

Kani Doraku is originally from Osaka and already spread around Japan, one of them is in Ginza, Tokyo.

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Hi guys, are you going to spend your winter holiday in Tokyo? If you do, I'll recommend you to taste one of my favorite cuisine on Winter. Walk to the crowd and elite shopping center, Ginza, you'll find the famous crab cuisine in Ginza 8 Chome. Kani Doraku is originally from Osaka and already spread around Japan, one of them is in Ginza, Tokyo. Many people said that winter is the season for crab cuisine because December is the peak time large amount crab being delivered from Hokkaido, Hokuriku and other areas on that side of the Japan's Sea. 

Arriving there, you'll found large model of crab which can move in front of the restaurant..

kani doraku

All of the menus consist of crabs, such as crab hot pot, crab sashimi, crab sushi, crab tempura and grilled crab. Although the price is quite pricey, but it still worth to try. Starting from 2970 Yen, you can enjoy a portion of Hair Crab. For more menu information, you can check it here and if you're too lazy going out of hotel but want to taste this super delicious crab, this restaurant also have delivery service.

kani dorakukani doraku

kani dorakukani doraku

For you who are seafood lovers, especially crab, this restaurant is the best place to taste various of crab cuisine moreover Japanese food which made from crab. So, I order Crab Hot Pot with price 5832 Yen. This food are consist of Boiled Snow Crab, Kani Suki, Japanese Pickle Vegetables, Raw Crab, Zosui and dessert. 

kani doraku

kani doraku

All of these crab are super delicious and soft. They have special flavor which made it tasty and fresh. It's indeed suitable for winter dishes because it'll make you full. Hahaha..

Overall, I love this food and suggest you to visit this chain crab restaurant when you visit Japan :)

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