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16 Mar 2018

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Bronx Zoo

his zoo was found in 19th century and only have 800 animals in 22 stables, but now become home of more than 6000 animals...

What to Do bronx zoo

Bronx Zoo is the Wildlife Conservation Society which become premier place to study and appreciate the world's many creatures. This zoo was found in 19th century and only have 800 animals in 22 stables, but now become home of more than 6000 animals and spans 265 acres that re-create the diverse natural habitats of its numerous residents. This zoo is open year-round and it's a great experience in any season. 

bronx zoo

You can start your adventure from Africa's Savanna where you can meet lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants and antelopes. When the first time I enter to this zoo I remember of Madagascar movie because you can find the "Madagascar" here. 

bronx zoo

Next, you can see the Baboon's stable and you can see these monkeys jumping around and don't forget to visit the Madagascar exhibit where you can see the lemurs and Hippos. 

bronx zoobronx zoo

Move to the World of Birds where you can many species of bird. It's an indoor aviary where you can explore by walk. You can see Aquatic Bird and predators bird in separated aviary.

bronx zoo

bronx zoo

Other exhibits that you can see are World of Reptiles where you can see Anaconda, turtles and poison frogs, then Bug Carousel where you can see many species of insect from all over the world. After that, visit Butterfly Garden to see more than 1000 types of colorful butterfly.

bronx zoo

bronx zoo

bronx zoo

Video by Jason Carlson

How to Get There bronx zoo

Third day in New York and I'm gonna explore the Bronx Zoo. Yesterday I've visited Liberty Statue and Time Square, so it's zooing time. Bronx Zoo is easy to get from anywhere. There are some public transportation that you can use, if you are from Manhattan, you can take BxM11 express bus which directly to the Zoo's Bronx River entrance (Gate B).

If you come from Queens, you can take Q44 to 180th Street and Boston Road then continue by walk one block to the Bronx Zoo's Asia gate entrance (gate A). Or you can take Subway #2 train to Pelham Parkway then head west to the Zoo's Bronx River entrance (gate B). Other public transportation you can use is, Train. Take Metro North's Harlem line to Fordham then take the Bx9 easward to 183rb Street and Southern Blvd.

Tips and Trick bronx zoo

Well, Bronx Zoo very intersting, isn't it? So, for you who want to visit this zoo, good to know:

  • Buy ticket before you come to avoid the queue. Better you buy it online here.
  • Bring camera.
  • Wear comfortable shoes because you'll walk long way.
  • Keep this zoo clean and don't litter.
  • Don't feed anything to the animals.
  • Take your children and your family.
  • Bring drinks and snack.


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