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Wheel of Brisbane

wheel of brisbane

It's a beautiful way to see Brisbane from above...
What to Do

Riding the wheel of Brisbane is must thing to do when yiu visit this city. As the icon of the city, this wheel gives you insight landmarks of Brisbane from above. Before ride it, you have to buy the ticket about AUD 20 for 5 times around and the ticket is include map of Brisbane landmarks which visible from the top of the wheel. Moreover, it's accompanied by an audio commentery during the ride which gives interesting insights and fun facts about each sight and about Brisbane city.

wheel of brisbane

From my point, which almost sixty metres above the ground, I can see excellent view of some Brisbane's most recognisable sights. They are Botanical garden, Mount Coot-tha and Soth Bank's Parklands are framed by the curling Brisbane River that snakes through the city. It's a beautiful way to see Brisbane from above.

wheel of brisbane

Ride on the wheel of Brisbane goes for 15 minutes and you'll seat in a gondola. The gondolas are designed to comfortably hold six adults on bench seating which fully enclosed and air conditioned. There will be a large window where you can see the view of Brisbane from any angles.

wheel of brisbane

Video by Anthony Lim

So, if you're looking for a slightly different way to explore the city of Brisbane why not go for a spin on the Wheel of Brisbane?

How to Get There

Finish lunch at Anthology Coffee, I decide to go back to hotel for rest. But, before I go back I want to visit the icon of Brisbane, The Wheel of Brisbane. This wheel located near Anthology Coffee, only 20 minutes walk through the Victoria Bridge. VKery easy to find.  It's good to walk around Brisbane in this afternoon, it's still summer and the weather is very pleasant.

wheel of brisbane

Tips and Trick wheel of brisbane

  • Bring Camera
  • Not recommend for you who have acropobhia
  • Take you loved ones
  • Keep the place clean
  • No smoking inside the gondola
  • The best view is on sunset and night
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