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Sunset Beach Jumeirah

sunset beach jumeirah

One of best beach in Dubai!!
What to Do

Actually, there are so many beaches in Dubai which has their own uniqueness. North from Jumeirah Beach Hotel, there's a beach called Sunset Beach which is the best place for enjoying sunset in Dubai. Sunset Beach is very beautiful view, you'll see blue sea with high wave and white soft sand. For knowing more, check this video out :)

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There are so many things to do in this beach. You can swim on the beach, surfing, playing foot ball or volley on the sea side. This beach has quite high wave which is very good for surfing. Because I didn't bring any preparation for going to the beach, so I just walk, taking picture and chill by the beach with other friends while waiting the sunset.

sunset beach jumeirahsunset beach jumeirah

Beside the beach, you can see many skyscrappers as the background. Feels like beach in the central city. While waiting the sunset, many people walking around and jogging. Such a perfect view for jogging and doing other sport activity. Maybe later on before I go back home, I could enjoy swimming or other watersport in this beach. Hehehe..

sunset beach jumeirah

sunset beach jumeirah

This beach provide some facility such as, toilet and shower, life guard, children's play area, jogging tracks and restaurants. Moreover, you can night swimming at this beach.

How to Get There

Today is orientation day and tours day. After visit Dubai Miracle Garden and tasting Dubai typical food at Zaroob Restaurant, now I'm going to spend my afternoon at the beach. The group took me to the Sunset Beach Jumeirah which located behind Sunset Mall in Jumeirah Road. Need 20 minutes to arrive there by bus from Zaroob Restaurant which located in Jumeirah Tower.

sunset beach jumeirah

Tips and Trick sunset beach jumeirah

There's no entrance fee on this beach and no opening hours. You can come here whenever you want. Don't forget to bring swim suit, toiletries, towel and camera. This beach is very sunny, better you wear sunglasses, sunscreen and slippers. The best time to visit this beach is in the afternoon because you can enjoy the sunset with tall building as the background. What a breathtaking view :)

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