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Ubin Island Singapore

ubin island singapore

For you who want to visit Singapore and want to feel different ambience, go visit Ubin Island :)
What to Do

Arriving at Ubin Island, there's tourist information center near the port where you can rent cycle or taxi. For saving money and want to feel more adventours, I choose to rent a bike only for SGD 10. Ubin Island is quite wide and some ways still waving, but don't worry because you'll not get lost because there are many map in this island. Also, you'll meet some people who jogging or walking around this island.

ubin island singapore

ubin island singapore

So many things which you can see in this island, such as quarry, moslem's grief, Fo Shan Ting Da Bao Gong Temple and the famous one, Chek Jawa Wetland. Be carefull if you're gonna explore this island alone, because there are many signs of dangerous spot where you can't visit.

ubin island singapore

ubin island singapore

Video by Snowy Wilson

Arriving at Chek Jawa Wetland, you'll find a tower and a port which very beautiful. Beside, you'll see mangrove around here and green forest where some wild animals live there. Anyway, you'll not allowed to entrance to Check Jawa Wetland if there's no guard.

ubin island singaporeubin island singapore

Need 3 hours for me to explore this beautiful island and I've to go back to Singapore city soon. For you who want to visit Singapore and want to feel different ambience, go visit Ubin Island :)

How to Get There

Hi guys, I'm still gonna explore the other side of Singapore and now I'm gonna visit Ubin Island. For going to this island, you can go by taxi but it'll costly or you can take MRT to Tanah Merah Station and continue by SBS Bus Transit Number 2 to Changi Village Terminal. Arrive at Changi Village Terminal, then go to Changi Point Ferry Terminal. It's very easy because there are many directions, just follow it.

From the port take bumboat to Ubin Island, the cost is about SGD 30 per person. This boat trip take 15 minutes to arrive at Ubin Island's port. During this trip you'll see the clear sea water with tall buildings as your background.

ubin island singapore

Tips and Trick ubin island singapore

There's no admission fee on this island and no opening or closing hours. But, all of regular services only work on daylight hours and tourist information is open from 8.30 am to 5 pm. Also, all of public transportation and Bumboatsonly operate from sunrise to sunset. FYI, you'll find no ATM in this island and this island is not accepting credit or debit card, make sure you bring enough cash from Changi Village.

For you who want to stay at this island, Ubin island has hotel which located in near police office. Or you can camping also in this island, but you have to report first where you'll build your camp. Don't forget to bring additional clothes, toiletry and wear sunblock. Prepare your stamina to explore this island.

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