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27 Dec 2017

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Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination Light

Winter illuminations on Christmas and New Year become a popular attraction in many cities in the world

What to Do winter illuminations

Maybe some people thinks visit this mall for shopping, looking some food and arts, but in a certain period of the year, this place offers best viewed on the ground called Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination. Winter illuminations on Christmas and New Year become a popular attraction in many cities in the world, especially Japan. Illumintaions mostly displayed between November and December but some run longer, start from October until Valentine's day or spring.

winter illuminations

winter illuminations

Caretta Shiodome Winter Illuminations shows 250.000 LEDs and will happen every 20 minutes beginning at 5 am to 11 pm. If you're going to shopping or dining in this mall, this winter illumination will be extra show during Christmas and New Year. Anyway, there's no entrance fee to enjoy this very beautiful illuminations. You can enjoy it for FREE :)

winter illuminations

winter illuminations

Actually, I come into this place for shopping some souvenirs in the mall, but many people said that there will be an illumintaion light in front of this building at 5 am, so I'm curious and wait it until the show started. The lights are very magical and remind me about Disneyland, but it's could be enjoyed for free. Hehehe..

Video by purplesour2000

There are so many Illumination lights around Japan and they're very beautiful, if you're going to enjoy some free winter illumination light in Japan, you can visit Caretta Shiodome :)

How to Get There winter illuminations

After tasting Crab cuisine in Kani Doraku Ginza, I walk to Caretta Shiodome which located only 1 kilo meters from Kani Doraku Ginza. Or you can take train from any station to Shimbashi Station, then from Shimbashi Station you can walk only for 5 minutes.

winter illuminations

Tips and Trick winter illuminations

There's nothing special tips for you who want to watch this show, just prepare a good camera for capture the illumination lights, tripod for put your camera during recording the show and take your family and loved ones :)

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