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Explore Singapore Zoo, River & Night Safari

singapore zoo

Hi guys, welcome back with me. Still exploring the other side of Singapore and I'll show you that Singapore is not about shopping, but also you can find some interesting place here. Today, I'm gonna spend my day in Singapore Zoo as I know that this place
What to Do

Visiting zoo always become unforgetable childhood moment, seeing animals and sometimes we could ride it or feed it. When I arrive in Singapore Zoo, I thought that it's same with other zoo, but this zoo give some different and attractive things which make me not bored. I already bought the tickt before come here, for Singapore Zoo SGD 33 (Adults), Night Safari SGD 45 (Adults) and River Safari SGD 30 (Adults).


Singapore Zoo

Still in the morning, so I explore Singapore Zoo first maybe I could watch some animal attractions. This zoo is open daily from 8.30 am to 6 pm with entrance fee SGD 30 (Adults) and SGD 22 (Child). FYI, this zoo has already exist for 40 years but still clean and look modern. Singapore Zoo like the others zoo is consist of many kind of animals, from the big animals until the small ones. That's why this zoo is very wide and you'll feel tired of walk, but don't be dissapointed because this zoo has some unique animals which you couldn't find in Indonesia's zoo, such as Polar Bear, Wolverine and Giant Tortoise.




Moreover, there are some animals show which very interesting, such as Rainforest Fight Back, Elephants at Work & Play, Splash Safari and Animal Friend Show. This show are held twice a day with duration 15 - 20 minutes. At that time, I watch Elephants at Work & Play. I amazed, how could Elephants become so smart?


                                                                                                                   Video by HEL


River Safari

Move to River Safari, after satisfied explore the zoo. River Safari is one location with Singapore Zoo, but this attraction is still new. First time, I asked Alvian, "What's special about safari on the river?" and he answered, "You'll know it when you come inside, because I already come here for five times". Well, I wonder that Alvian love animals. LOL

After come inside, I'm impressed because it's look like complete combination between zoo, seaworld, boat ride and Panda's house. River Safari is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm with admission fee SGD 30 (Adult) & SGD 20 (Children).


The differences between River Safari and regular zoo is, the animals here are animal which lives in river area. Mostly, the animal that lived in famous rivers, such as Amazon, Mekong and Nil. 



Moreover, River Safari has some attractions also, there are Giant Panda Forest, Amazon Flooded Forest, Giant River Otter and the famous one is Amazon River Quest Boat Ride. When I was there, I have opportunity to ride Amazon River Quest Boat Ride which open daily from 11 am to 6 pm with fare SGD 5 (adults) & SGD 3 (Children).


                                                                                                     Video by Daren Lee


Night Safari

It's afternoon already and I move to Night Safari in Singapore Zoo and open daily from 7.30 pm to 12 am with admission fee SGD 45 (Adults) & SGD 30 (Children). Actually, I'm so tired today but still excited to do night safari. This night safari was open since 1994 and become first nocturnal wildlife park in the world. Maybe you wondering why should do safari in the night? because some predators are exist in the evening.

                                                         Same as Singapore Zoo, there are 2 ways to do Night Safari, by walk or take tram. I've already charge my stamina so I could walk for showing all of the nocturnal animals. Walking trails is quite blurred but not too dark. 



Moreover, night safari have some attractions which become favorites, such as Leopard Trail, Creatures of Night Show and Thumbuakar Tribal Dancer. 




                                                                                                             Video by Lee Claxton




How to Get There

In this trip, my friend, Alvian, still accompany me to explore the zoo. From my hotel, we use car to Singapore Zoo which located in 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore. If you want to come here, you can take MRT Red Line (North-South Line) and continue with public bus:

  1. From MRT Station Ang Mo Kio (NS16) / Bus Interchange: Take bus SBS Transit No 138
  2. From MRT Station Choa Chu Kang (NS4) / Bus Interchange: Take bus SMRT No 927
  3. From MRT Marsailing (NS8) and MRT Woodlands (NS9) Regional Bus Interchange: Take bus No 926 (This bus is only operate in Sunday or Holiday)

The bus fare is about SGD2.20 per person (one way)


Tips and Trick singapore zoo

  • I suggest you to buy online ticket here for 15% off.
  • If you are tired of walk, you can take tram with fare about SGD 5 (Adults) but unfortunately if you take tram, you'll miss some enclosures which can't reached by tram. Bring bottle for mineral water and you can refill it by using tap inside this zoo.
  • In night safari, don't turn on the flash camera because it'll disturb the animals.
  • Prepare more stamina for walk all day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Take your children to know many animals live here.
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