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Charles Bridge Prague

charles bridge

Charles Bridge is also known as Karluv Most, it's the oldest bridge in Prague which very romantic and beautiful.
What to Do

Charles Bridge is also known as Karluv Most, it's the oldest bridge in Prague which very romantic and beautiful. This bridge is used for across Vltava River was built on King Charles IV era. This bridge has 621 meters length and 10 meters wide.  There are two points for across this bridge, from Old Town and Lesser Town. In the point of this bridge, there's a tower where you can climb up for seeing city view from above.  

                                       charles bridge

                                                            charles bridge

Charles Bridge has 30 statues in the edges where you can stop awhile for capturing the beauty of the architecture. Moreover, they said if you touch the low part of the statue, they believe will be back to Prague again. Well, every city that I visited always has myths..

Also, in this bridge you can see many artists who paintings or make tourist's face picture and street musician.

                                charles bridge

                              charles bridge

In the Lesser Town Point, there is gate where you can put on love padlock. Like in many others countries, couples will immortalize their togetherness in Prague by lock their names on love padlock.

                                                 charles bridge

Actually, walking through this bridge is no need long time, but what makes it very long because you'll stop in many corner for taking picture this beautiful bridge. Also, you can find many food street around this bridge and don't forget to taste typical food of Prague, Trdelnik. Charles Bridge is one if iconic place in Prague, so if you visit Prague, don't forget to enjoy this place :)

How to Get There

Satisfied enjoy Old Town Square, I walk to Charles Bridge which very famous in Prague. This bridge is only available for walker, not car or other transportations. So, you can't go to this place by any transportation.


Tips and Trick charles bridge

The best time for visit this bridge is on Summer, many people will come in summer for walking, taking picture or just sitting around this bridge. Be careful in the crowded because there are so many  picckpocket / thief around here. Keep you bag safety when travel in Prague. For you who has photography hobby, bring tripod and good camera because from this bridge, you can find many photo spot  to capture. 


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