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Travel to Singapore (Third Day)

merlion park

The third day in Singapore. We explore the beauty of the city of Singapore.
What to Do

If to singapore incomplete if it does not visit to Merlion, this location is a favorite place for tourists because of its beautiful scenery, this Merlion naming is a combination of lion-headed  mermaid statue, hence  named "Merlion".

This statue is a symbol of Singapore and this tour is always crowded in visits by domestic tourists and abroad. actually we to Merlion not only enjoy the beauty, we here take pictures in Merlion and this photo will be a memento of our vacation to Singapore, and certainly opload in GoTravelly hehehe ...


Well after we took pictures in Merlion curious with to a unique building called "Esplanade", this place is also a tourist destination, because when visiting singapore not to this place just like not to singapore.

This Esplanade is actually a building that is shaped like "durian fruit" this location is used as a favorite place to take pictures. Well at that time we are not long in the Esplanade, we just look briefly inside this Esplanade there Forecourt located outside the building this location into a meeting place that has a very picturesque, we see here there is a Theater Building in the European style, There is also Concert-Hall, Concours this location made a place to performance the most interesting, here is also the Outdoor Theater, and lastly we see there is Outdoor Food Court.

Once satisfied to walk in Singapore it's time go back to Indonesia ... our holiday in Singapore is very memorable, and follow our next vacation. We want to try to explore interesting excursions around the world.

How to Get There

Exciting once we yesterday trip, the next day we to the merlion, from our lodging to the merlion is about 3.8 km and takes about 8 minutes journey by taxi.

After our merlion to Singapore Changi International Airport, to go to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Take a taxi ride from merlion to Singapore Changi International Airport about 19.0 km with travel time about 18 minutes. And from Singapore Changi International Airport to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport air travel about 1 hour 45 minutes.


Tips and Trick merlion park

  1. Bring camera and Selfie stick for holiday photos in singapore
  2. Do not litter

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