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Holiday to malaysia 'part 2'

wisata di malaysia

Holidays in Malaysia? Don’t forget to visit Genting Hinghland. This tour is very famous for its playground.
What to Do

Holidays in Malaysia? Don’t forget to visit Genting Hinghland. This tour is very famous for its playground. This area is also very famous as its Las Vegas Malaysia. As the name suggests is a park located on high ground so that when playing in Genting Highland you don’t need to feel too hot because the air is very cold in this playground.


Genting Highlands is full of rides and playgrounds. There are also games in the genting highland that are in the room is also outside the room. This time I played a ride called Corksrew. This game is very similar to lightning, but the game is more sinister because the round is done twice. Very creepy guys. Well Genting Highland has 5 types of roller coaster that is Corksrew, the second type of roller coaster is Cyclone which is a special roller coaster for children. With Flying Coaster you will feel the sensation of riding a coaster by flying, very fun.



For indoor genting in Genting Highlands also no less exciting guys, there are gondolas and also 4-dimensional cinema. This place will also find an entertainment called Snow Word. This entertainment mimics life in a very cold ice area so before you enter you will be given a jacket of extraordinarily thick and also a special shoe for use in the snow area.


Not far from this Genting Highlands tour you will find a buddhist temple called Kwan Im. The temple is located on a limestone plain. You can also take photos guys. This place is a temple used to worship a Hindu God so there is a striking golden statue and make it a very interesting mixture, so if you are on vacation in this place don’t miss to take pictures guys because the scenery here is amazing. Hehehe.


Finished traveling in this place I returned to the hotel with taxi. I spent the night here and in the morning I am preparing to return to Indonesia. Want to know where I travel again after this? Let's follow me, because there are many more tourist attractions that I will visit.

How to Get There

Hai guys are still with me on holiday in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Today is my second day and my family is in Malaysia. A very sunny morning we decided to travel to Genting Highlands. Heading to this place I have to ride KL Sentral bus with distance about 2 hours to go to Major Philip Lim Road, Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands open 24 hours guys, so you can travel in this place any time. Well to get into this place for free guys, but you have to pay when going up every existing rides.

Tips and Trick wisata di malaysia

  1. Bring your camera to capture beautiful moments.
  2. Bring sandals or comfortable shoes
  3. Bring a change of clothes
  4. Take medicine
  5. Bring a travel bag for all equipment
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