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08 Jan 2019

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Beukeunhof Resto

This is a western style restaurant that has a lots of variety of food.

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This resto is located in Ullen Sentalu Museum. You can have a sight or a culinary experience after visiting the museum. It has a cozy ambiance inside. The food is pretty interesting and the portion is quite big. But it also has a pricey price compared to the local places. 

The taste of the food is pretty good and delicious. I ordered the Irish Fish n Chips n Zenzero coffee. Zenroro coffee is basicly a cappucino with cinamon roll inside. The taste is a bit weird for me. I prefer the coffee without cinamon tbh

As for the price, the Fish&Chips is IDR48k and for the Coffee, it costs IDR36k (excluded tax and service). 

The service was great and as for the payment, you can only pay with cards if the purchase is more than IDR100k. 

I would rate this place 4.5 for everything and i would really love to come back here if possible (Because it's located too far from the main capital of Yogya, so i can't visit the place very often). 



Opening Hours beukenhof resto jogja
I don't exactly know about the operational time of the resto. But the museum opens everyday, except Monday. It opens from 08.30 to 16.00 (Tuesday to Friday) and from 08.30 to 17.00 (Saturday to Sunday).
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