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16 Mar 2018

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Jonathan's Coffee & Restaurant

this restaurant is a family chain restaurant which already have many branches in Japan.

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Still in Tokyo and I'll recommend you to visit a nice place to eat for you who are budget traveler in Japan. Beside Saizeriya, Jonathan's is a nice choice for budget meal meal in Tokyo. Loated at Shinjuku, 2 Chome-3-13, Tokyo, this restaurant is a family chain restaurant which already have many branches in Japan. Its only 2 minutes walk from Toei Shinjuku Line Higashi-Ojima Station.

jonathan's coffee & restaurant

One of characteristic features of this family restaurant is the all you can drink beverage bar which offers soft drinks, soup, coffee and other drinks. Teir menu has items with reduced sugear content for those watching their waistline and also has an extensive dessert lineup for those with a sweet tooth, including items made with matcha green tea. Jonathan's drink bar has soft drinks, coffee and other beverages, but the unique features is the wide array of teas available. They ave ten different varieties of tea leaf on the menu, so you can choose what you want. Don't worry, the menu available on Japanese and English, so for you who can't speak Japanese still can read it.

jonathan's coffee & restaurant

I had Yummy as Wagyu! 100% Premium Aussie Beef Hamburger which become Jonathan's most popular dishes. Like the name, this hamburger is made from 100% Australian beef which comes from cattle with more than fifty percent wagyu. It was tender and juicy. You can add rice, zakkokumai or bread. This meal's price is about 1099 yen which I think is reasonable for this delicious meal.

jonathan's coffee & restaurant

For the sweet menu, I had Braken-starch dumplings with soft serve ice cream. This is an exquisite dessert that combines the light and matcha green tea with sweetness of the soft ice cream. It's also their favorite menu with price only 499 yen. That's why many people make repeat visit just for this popular dessert.

jonathan's coffee & restaurant

Overall, I love this place and highly recommend you to visit this place when you go to Japan. Beside the meals are delicious, the price are reasonable, their service was excellent. That's why I'll be back to this restaurant again :)

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