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Zaroob Restaurant Dubai

Zaroob Restaurant has street food concept where you can enjoy your food in indoor or outdoor area.

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Spending 2 hours exploring Dubai Miracle Garden, I feel hungry and my friends took me to taste Dubai typical food which called Shawarma. Actually, you find Shawarma anywhere in Dubai, but the best Shawarma is in Zaroob Restaurant. Zaroob Restaurant is located in Jumeirah Tower Shop No 1, Ground Floor. Need 30 minutes from Dubai Miracle Garden to arrive Jumeirah Tower. By the way, Jumeirah Tower is one of famous building in Dubai, near Jumeirah Beach. 

zaroob restaurant dubai

Zaroob Restaurant has street food concept where you can enjoy your food in indoor or outdoor area. This restaurant has been around for years but it still look cool grafitti covered decor nd communal benches. This restaurant has many branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many other countries. 

zaroob restaurant dubai

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Zaroob Restaurant has menu collection of classic Lebanese dishes with a few other regional favourites thrown in. For knowing more about the menu and price, you can check it here. This time, I order one of Dubai typical food called shawarma. Shawarma is look like Kebab Turkey, but they don't use tortilla for the outside, the use Arabic Bread called Pita which shaped like pocket. You can choose chicken or beef for the inside with tomato, cucumber, tabbouleh and fattoush. It usually served with tahini, hummus, radish and amba as topping.

zaroob restaurant dubai

zaroob restaurant dubai

The price of one chicken shawarma is starting from AED 12 and beef shawarma start from AED 14. It's worth for this super delicious meals. The taste is different than Kebab Turkey, the roast meet is more tasty and their Pita is more soft. Overall, I love this restaurant, the decoration, the food and the service. If you're interest to visit Dubai, don't forget to stop by at this restaurant to tasting this super delicious shawarma :)


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