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Chicken Rice Ball

chicken rice ball

But, I've visited a modern place Upside Down House I'm looking for some food for lunch.
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Visiting Melacca is about explore culinary and some heritage places. But, I've visited a modern place Upside Down House I'm looking for some food for lunch. I walk from the Upside Down House to Hoe Kee Chicken Restaurant which very famous in this city. This restaurant only 900 meters away from Upside Down House, located in 468 Hang Jebat Street. 

chicken rice ballchicken rice ball

This restaurant has Chinesse Theme and established since 1962. It has large dining room and you don't have to worry about the table. Before I tell you more about what is there, watch this video :)

Video by chankooncheng

Well, if you wondering what's spesial in this place, I'll tell you that this restaurant has famous chicken rice ball. There are so many restaurant which served chicken rice ball, but Hoe Kee is the best one. Hoe Kee has authentic taste of chicken which very tasty, moist and tender although it's a little bit oily. A plate is consist of steamed chicken meat, cucumber or you can ask addition of liver. Eating the chicken meat combined with ball rice. Talking about ball rice, in Indonesia we know it as Lontong, but it has different shape and more compact. Oya, don't forget to add some chili sauce for make it more delicious.

chicken rice ballchicken rice ball

A portion od chicken rice ball is very cheap, starting from MYR 14. Other advantages if you visit this restaurant are the staffs are very friendly and fast service. That's why this restaurant walways crowded in lunch time and you'll see the line up of people around this restaurant. Overall, chicken rice ball is must try food when you visit Malacca and go get it in Hoe Kee :)

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