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14 Feb 2018

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Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan was known as Caoshan which mean Grass Mountain, it's reffers to the tall silvergrass that covers the highest slopes.

Hal yang dilakukan yangmingshan national park

Yangmingshan was known as Caoshan which mean Grass Mountain, it's reffers to the tall silvergrass that covers the highest slopes. Then, Chiang Kaishek renamed it Mount Yangming after his favorite Min philosopher Wang Yang-Ming (A.D 1472 - 1529).

Yangmingshan National Park is beautiful throughout the year and always different throughout the seasons because a multitude of flowers blossom on the hill and mountains. Cherry blossoms and camellias bloom on January to March, callus lilies and Yoshino cherry blossoms bloom from April to May, Azaleas from May to October and silver grass blankets the mountains in October and November. 

There are some interesting spots in thing National Park, such as Yangmingshuwu, Zhuzhihu, Xiaoyoukeng, Erziping, Datun Nature Park, Lengshuikeng and Qingtiangang.  Yangmingshuwu was an guest house and now become a historical site in Yangmingshan National Park.

Next is Xiaoyoukeng. It's a post volcanic geological landscape area approxiately 805 meters above sea level and is famed for the fumaroles, sulfur crystal and hot spring. 

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Other activity you can do in this national park is flower picking in Zhuzhihu where Cherry Blossom bloom at the foot of the mountain. What a breathtaking view.

Cara ke Sana yangmingshan national park

Hi guys, are you ready for Spring vacation? Or still confusing where should you go? Well, I suggest you to visit one of the famous National Park in Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park. Yangmingshan National Park is located in northern Taipei City and very easy to access from downtown. To reach there, you can take 260 bus from Zhengzhou Road outside of Taipei Main Station Exit 2 to Yangmingshan Bus Station. After that, transfer to most national Park recreation sports via 108 shuttle bus.


Tips dan Trik yangmingshan national park

This National Park is open everyday for everyone and free. But, before you explore it, prepare you energy to walk around because this National Park is very large. Don't worry if you are hungry or thirsty, inside this National park you can find some cafes for fill your tummy. Check the weather first before you go, you can check it here. Don't forget to bring camera for capture every moment in this beautiful park and always keep this place clean :)

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