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The Mysterious Stonehenge

mysterious stonehenge

This sites already listed on UNESCO Heritage Site on 1986.
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Stonehenge is giant rocks monument which shaped like circle with diametre about 90 metres. How this stones made or how to carry it still become a bis question until now. This monument is surrounded by green meadow which make itu look amazing. Until nowadays, I still wondering how come people in past time put this more than 2 tons of stone on a big stone. Well, everything are still mysterious.

mysterious stonehenge

This sites already listed on UNESCO Heritage Site on 1986. Some of archaerologists estimate this stones already there since 3000BC-2000BC, the others said 2400BC-2200BC and some even stated 3100BC. No one knows until now, that's why this Stonehenge is legend.

mysterious stonehenge

mysterious stonehenge

After tired walking around this site, near the souvenir shop you can find the House of Neolithic Era where became a house of Stonehenge makers. This house was made from lime and straw roof with fireplace.

mysterious stonehenge

Video by Smithsonian Channel

Cara ke Sana

Beside Big Ben and London Bridge, people will known Stonehenge as the famous places to visit when in UK. Actually, Stonehenge is located around 90 miles west from Central London, but it's very well within a comfortable day trip. To get there from London City, you can take bus tour or public transportation. If you choose to take public transportation, you can take train to Salisbury, the nearest town. Train run from London direct to Salisbury in every thirty minutes from 6.30 am and the fastest train need 1 hour 22 minutes.

mysterious stonehenge

Tips dan Trik mysterious stonehenge

Are you interest to visit Stonehenge? Well, I'll give you some tips before you go there:

  • Before entrance to the monument, you have to go to visitor center first to buy admission fee. The admission fee for adult is about £ 19.50 
  • Stonehenge is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm. Make sure you come earlier to avoid the line up.
  • Near the visitor center, you can find gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs there.
  • Stonehenge is good place for learn about history and archaeology, so make sure you bring your children here.
  • For you who love photography, bring your camera to capture this monument from many sides.
  • Keep this place clean and don't litter.
  • It's open space, so better you wear comfortable jacket for cover your body from the wind.
  • For you who first experience to this heritage site, better you take bus tour from London. It's cheaper and you'll guided by local.
  • If you have driven license, you can ride car from London to Stonehenge. It's not too hard to find it on maps.

So, are you ready to visit this myterious Stonehenge?

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