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Hamdeok Beach

Hamdeok Beach

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Hamdeok Beach is famous because it's clean and shallow water which attract many family visitors during summer vacations. This each offers wonderful scenery with crystal clear water, and arched bridge over black basalt and a red lighthouse.

Hamdeok Beach shielded from wind by Seoubong Peak, that's why both of beach side are quite calm making it ideal place for canoeing and swimming. This beach also has white soft sand which are good for chilling by the beach. By the way, you can climb to the peak and the view was amazing.

Hamdeok has three small beaches that don't get taken over by the tide in the evening and the two to the east are the most popular. Anyway this beach is safe for children, you can let them playing football, volley or just making a sand castle. 

Cara ke Sana

Are you visiting Jeju Island? Don't forget to visit the famous beach in this Island, Hamdeok Beach which located in Sinbuk-ro, Jochon-eup. It's not too hard to reach this beach, from Jeju International Airport you can take bus number 38 to Hamdeok Beach or you can take bus bound for Jeju Jungang Rotary and get off at Jungang Rotary Bus Stop. Them cross the road to get to the opposite bus stop and take bus Number 10 and towards to Hamdeok Beach.


Tips dan Trik Hamdeok Beach

There's no admission fee in this beach, you can visit it everytime you want. For you who want to stay bit longer in this beach, you can find many hotels around here or they offers camping ground where you can use it for camping. Beside hotel, you can find many cafe and restaurand around this beach, so you don't have to worry if you get hungry or thirsty. 

Anyway, best time to visit this beach is in Summer, but be carefull because this beach will be very crowded. If you don't really like crowd, you can walk as far as you can through this beach to find quite place to chilling. So, are you ready to visit this beach on Summer Vacation?

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