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Batu Caves

batu caves

Happy New Year everyone. I spend my end year holiday in Malaysia, actually I've been visited this country so many times, but mostly for business trip. Well, today I have some free day to explore this country. So, follow me :)
Hal yang dilakukan

Batu Cave is one of famous tourism place in Selangor, Malaysia. It's only 13 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur. Wanna know what's in this place? check this video out :)

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Batu Cave is a series of cave in a hill and become home to a Hindu shrine which full of temples and Swamis. Batu Cave is a series of cave in a hill and become home to a Hindu shrine which full of temples and Swamis. When you arrive there, you'll welcomed by the beauty of hills and Lord Murugan Statue which very tall. FYI, this statue has 43 meters tall and become the highest Hindu statue in the world. Very fantastic!

batu caves

Beside, Batu Caves is famous religious site which dedicated to Lord Murugan, the God of War, has 3 main caves and small caves. For going there, you have to take the stairs. Before going to main caves, you have to take picture in front of the big statue with many birds around. 

batu caves

During hike to the cave, be careful about your belonging because there are so much monkeys. There's no short cut to going up there, so everyone have to take the stairs. 

batu caves

After going up, you'll find the pray place for Hindu People and there's stairs again. Well, actually I'm tired already but I'm curious about what's happen there. You'll find ice cream seller which can releave your thirsty. 

batu cavesbatu caves

Arriving in the top of the cave, I need a rest because these stairs make me tired. I feel so lazy to going back down, but I have to go down. But, trust me, the view is very beautiful. Overall, this cave is worth to visit when you spend your holiday in Malaysia although need extra energy to going up :)

Cara ke Sana

Starting my journey from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur by using plane. It takes 2 hours trip to arrive at Kuala Lumpur. Arriving at KLIA, I take KTM Komuter and stop at Batu Caves Komuter Station. From Batu Caves Komuter Station, I walk about 5 minutes to Batu Caves.


Tips dan Trik batu caves

There's 272 stairs to go to main caves, you have to prepare your stamina to hike. Wear polite dress or the guard will ask you to rent sarong to cover your body with fare MYR 3. Keep this place clean, don't litter, bring snacks and mineral water. Batu Caves is open daily from 7 am to 9 pm and there's no admission fee.

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