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Dhow Cruise Dubai

dhow cruise dubai

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The dhow cruise lasted for around 2 hours. We got to sit at the upper deck of the dhow and got to enjoy the beautiful views along both the sides of the Creek as well as the gentle breeze in the evening air. Although it was dark and we could not see too many sights, we could make out a few like the souks. Also, we could see the Burj Khalifa, as it stands tall among all other buildings.

dhow cruise dubai

As the dhow started sailing, welcome drinks were served. A soft, soothing music was playing in the background. One of the highlights of the evening was the mesmerizing performance by a Tanoura dancer.

Dinner on the dhow cruise was a buffet dinner with a good combination of Emirati and international dishes. There was a lot of variety, and the dishes were delicious.

One thing that I have to say is that the hospitality of the staff on board was impressive. Everyone was courteous and helpful. The dhow also had good facilities like separate washrooms for men and women.

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dhow cruise dubai

We went for the dhow cruise on the last day of our trip. We chose to go for Dhow cruise on Dubai Creek. As we were already at the Dubai Mall, we took a cab to the Creek, which took us around 8-10 minutes. Most tour companies also offer transportation, so that is also a good option.

Tips dan Trik dhow cruise dubai

The dhow cruise dinner is not too formal, so casual dressing is fine. Also, you are free to dress up for the occasion if you feel like it. While there is a complimentary drink with your dhow cruise package, you have to pay extra for alcoholic drinks.

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