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Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia | halal
14 Mar 2019

1,2 K1

Osiana Alo

Coffee shop and light meal. This place has small cafe in labuan bajo. Very good value for money. I have been tried for coffee and the juice was very thick and purely. Very recommended for this place.

Konten Ulasan osiana alo

This place is small simple cafe in main road at labuan bajo.

They have coffee, juice also others beverage and light meals. I only tried for coffee and juice. For me this value for money. The coffee was good and also juice was very thick. 

Interior was decorated as a fisherman ship or something.

The minus only no beach view at this place.

Recommended place.

Jam Operasional osiana alo
10AM - 8PM
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