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Restaurant Kaorou Wan

restaurant kaorou wan

Ever been to beijing? Want to know what menu is here? Let's follow my culinary explorations in Beijing City.
Konten Ulasan

Lover of goats? Loss if not stop at this restaurant. This restaurant sells roasted goat meat that tastes deliciously guaranteed. I decided to stop by at this restaurant because I heard the food menu here is very tasty. I just ordered a serving of roasted goat. Then I waited for about 10 minutes to come order that I ordered earlier.

From it looks quite temping. The aroma is very fragrant and not fishy. Makes me anxious to eat it. When I tried it.

Delicious! Maybe this is a suitable word for this food. The meat is tasty, not fishy and the texture of the meat is very soft make me fall in love with this food.


This food is different from the food in general. It feels very good. Very reasonable if this restaurant is always crowded with visitors. Some even willing to queue for a few minutes to get this food. Very extraordinary and very special. Here also do not sell roasted goat meat, but there are also other menus such as roast beef.


Well for the price of about 70 yuan only. want to know? Come on at No. 58, South Inverness Road, Xicheng District, Beijing.

Jam Operasional
Open daily from 11:00 to 22:00 hours.
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