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enjoy the delicious food in singapore....
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1. Mee Laksa

visit to Singapore is not complete if it does not enjoy delicacy (Mee Laksa / Mie Laksa). The food on this one, is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore.

Mee Laksa is actually a textured yellow noodles chewy and supplemented with seafood + fried tofu, which is dipped into a thick sauce

 that delicious. After I saw the Mee Laksa, I message one portion Mee Laksa.

that made me impatient to try out a Mee Laksa.

I felt this was a sauce of that delicious and taste typical will spice very strong.

make Mee Laksa was very tasty and made me spirit eat Mee Laksa.embarassed

Mee Laksa itself is very easy found in the food court Woodlans Center.


                                                                          Watch this Video for more information: Video by Greg's Kitchen




2. Ice Cream Sandwich

If in Singapore must have been familiar with the Ice Cream Sandwich which is a symbol of Singapore. Ice Cream Sandwich very easy be found in Singapore betwixt, Raffles Place, gardens, and many ice cream sellers who sell on the roadside.

Ice Cream Sandwich be the perfect complement when walking in the garden area of Singapore.

                                                            Watch this Video for more information: Video by Broewnis Travel



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