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Penang, Penang, Malaysia | halal
21 Feb 2018

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Indian Rojak

It's my first time tasting this Indian Rojak but it's the best I've ever had.

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Hi guys, I'm visiting Penang for some bussiness trip but of course I have to taste some famous culinary in this city after my bussiness meeting. Well, today I meet friend from Indian, His name is Salman. Salman is Indian but he stay in Malaysia for works and now both of us on the same project. That's why I come to visit Penang. Well, little story, he said that he miss some Indian food, so in lunch time, he take me to taste his Indian food that he missed so bad. Of course I said yes because I never taste any Kind of Indian Food. We go to Persiaran Gurney hawker center. It's a kinda Street Food with many kinda food, Salman go directly to the Indian Food for buy some Rojak and hre's the booth.

indian rojak

Maybe some of you are wondering, is that same as Javanese Rojak? It's totally different. Indian Rojak is contains of gough fritters, bean curd, bean sprouts, cuttlefish, prawn fritters, cucumber and a hard boiled egg topped with a sweet peanut dressing. A portion of Indian Rojak is about MYR 22. Very cheap!!

indian rojak

indian rojak

It's my first time tasting this Indian Rojak but it's the best I've ever had. Moreover, the Rojak Man Loves his job and dances all day to the beat of whatever song is on the radio while chopping up the ingredients of Rojak. Such a fun!

Video by The Food Ranger

After you picking out from an array then the Rojak Man begins his dance. His dance certainly brought in many customers, mostly drawn to record or take pictures. Very interesting, isn't it? 

indian rojak

This market is open until late night, so, when come visit Penang, don't forget to try this Indian Rojak and get ready to dance :)

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