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Bird Restaurant

bird restaurant

This restaurant has American Dinner theme with London ambience.
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Preparing some romantic Valentine dinner in London? You can go to Bird Restaurant which located in 42-44 Kingsland Rd, London. This restaurant has American Dinner theme with London ambience.

Because it's American theme restaurant, Bird offers a choice of white, dark, or mixed meat, served with different glazes or dips and sides like jalapeno corn pudding, vinegar slaw and hand cut fries. For dessert, they served some delicious wafle which is very famous and become their most wanted meals. Although this restaurant looks fancy, but believe me, the price are still reasonable. 

I highly recommend you this super delicious fried chicken wafle with maple syrup which become my favourite one when I dinn in this restaurant. This meal is very unique, because mostly I taste wafle with sweet flavour but they served wafle with fried chicken. The chicken is very tender and the wafle are very crispy. Such a perfect combination. Although that's my first time taste American dishes, I'm not dissapointed. The price is fair with the taste.

For you who are doubt to taste that mix wafle, you can choose another opstions, such as burgers and salads which are good too. Anyway, you can check the full menu here. Or you can contact them for reservation, because this restaurant is very crowd in dinner time.

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This restaurant is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm and such a perfect place to spend for dinner in Valentine's day with your loved ones. So, go make your reservation now!! :)

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