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Kopi Oey Sabang

Kopi Oey Sabang

A Vintage Place to Visit
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Hallo, how was your day? I hope we all stay safe, sane, happy and healthy :)


So today, I would like to tell another Coffee Place Recommendation. This one located in Sabang area, in Central Jakarta. And this place is quite famous as a culinary area, so for those who love food hunting, you definitely need to come to this place.

Kopi Oey Sabang


kopi enak di Sabang

So, I visited this place with some friends and this is really recommended to be visited with friends, colleagues or family. The ambiance was really cozy and old-fashioned but lovely. It’s not only a coffee place, but you can also find traditional (and international) specialities here. And it’s really interesting for me. I can give it 4.5 for the ambiance and coziness. 

There are plenty of food options here and it’s written in the ‘old Indonesian dialect’ (bahasa jadul) but it makes the menu really interesting and different from other places. Here are what the menu looks like :

Kopi Oey Sabang    rekomendasi cafe di sabang

kopi enak di Jakarta        Kopi Oey Sabang

At the moment, we ordered loempia snacks (but I didn’t take the picture of this unfortunaately :() and we tried the beverages here. We ordered Vietnamese Coffee, Teh Tarik (hot milk tea that is made with “pulling” process. That’s why it’s called Tarik. In Melayu language, Tarik means pull) and Beras Kentjoer (read : Beras Kencur - a traditional beverages made of rice and aromatic ginger. It’s also known as saffron-colored Rice.)

Kopi Oey Sabang


The taste of the food and drink are pretty good, eventho’ the price is quite pricey. So I’ll give it 4. The Kopi Oey also has to go drink of some beverages so you can buy and drink it at home.

Last but not least, I really recommend this place to you, especially if you like the Traditional/ Vintage thing. You will get immersed to this place I think. I would really love to come back and try the other speciality. May be some other time.


Stay safe and healthy to all. See ya! 

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This place opens everyday from 7am to 11pm (Due to the current pandemic situation, there might be changes about the opening and closing time).
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