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Via Via Café Yogyakarta

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This is an eco-friendly café at Prawirotaman area.
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Via - Via Café and Gallery is located at Prawirotaman Area in Yogyakarta. Prawirotaman is an area known for the tourism and culinary site as we can find lots of restaurants and tourists here. It's near Tirtodipuran area that are also quite famous for art, culture and culinary site. 

To reach this area, you can use the TransJogja and stop at Sugiyono shelter. Then you need to walk around 15-20 minutes to reach the Via Via Café. 

This café has this 'plat du jour' or today's menu on their wall and they also have breakfast time. I came here around 9 and i can only order the breakfast menu. So if you wanna try the speciality/the other menu, make sure you come at the right time. 

Via Via claims their menu to be healthy, vegan-friendly, and use the good quality of food. So you must not worry about the quality of the food

And i think this resto has a very good quality of food, especially for foreigner that easily found at this resto. 

The food is pretty delicious but the portion is super huge for one person. So it'd better if you come here together with friends/family. The place is also cozy so you can spend much time here. 

When i came here, i ordered this breakfast menu which is triple cheese omelette with bread (i forgot the name). 

In my opinion, the omelette tasted good and delicious but i don't really enjoying the huge portion of the food. The bread was pretty hard to chew (it's made from the whole grain) 

And for the drink i chose this lime ginger honey tea. 

I really love the drink, especially the honey. It tasted super good and yummy. The lime was very overpower for me, but it's still okay. 

The price for the food is around IDR 38.000 and for the beverages is around IDR 25.000. I consider this place a bit pricey, but considering the quality of the food i think it's acceptable. The food range from IDR 25k to IDR 100k or more. 

And after eating, you can go the shop/gallery to fill out your bottle water (you will be charged IDR 1000 if i'm not mistaken). 

The shop/gallery has pretty much things to buy as souvenir and the stuffs are mostly made by locals. 

I'm actually really hapoy that Via Via really consider the environment and the local thing in their business and i hope this movement will reach out to many more people and it can do good for our planet. 

Overall, i give 3 stars out of 5 for everything here. 

And one of the thing is Via Via also has a staycation near the café and gallery. So if you're looking for a staycation near Prawirotaman/Tirtodipuran area, you might one to consider that. 

Have a good day everyone! 


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Via Via opens everyday from 7h30 am to 11pm.
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