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Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia | Religious Place
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Borobudur temple

candi borobudur

Borobudur is a Buddhist place of worship in Indonesia. Each level describes human life. The natural atmosphere that is still beautiful makes it comfortable when I have to climb to the top of the temple.
What to Do

You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, enjoy one of the cultural heritage in Indonesia and enjoy the local wisdom of the local residents

How to Get There

From Yogyakarta you can drive to Magelang city. You can use travel agent or using car rental or maybe you can use taxi online such as grab car or go car. 

Or, you can use local transportation. You can use transjogja to bus station jombor and continous with small bus until magelang and use horse-drawn carriage (andong). 


Tips and Trick candi borobudur

Tips :

- if you use local transportation you have to goes early, it because you have to chance several time to another transportation. 

- Use the mountain sandals or shoes to make your feet comfort. 

- Rent umbrella inside because more cheap than in out side

- don't take pictures by climbing the stupa. because it is a place of worship

- You may not bring food into the area


Where to Stay candi borobudur

In Magelang many guest houses or hotels
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