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Sabu Raijua, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia | Beach Exploring
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A trip to Savu

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Why savu is your next destination
What to Do

Exploring with locals, people of savu are friendly and famous of their handwoven natural dyed coloring, many times they will refuse your money, even we got free motorbike to explore

There are stone site to visit about ancestery in Savu, said the people coming from polynesian and practiced megalith belief

But most breathtaking is the pristine beaches, no one just occasional fishermen with their local kayaks, the corals and pure, no plastic pollutions as the people really careful not to throw garbages in the ocean


The surfs are for advanced surfer with main breaks is savu rights, powerful barrel with challeging chanel to got in, the savu left more mellow and short ride but fun

The locals will invite you to stay and enjoy their meals, all cooked with coconut oil, nice and good

Asked local fishermen their catch of the day and make barbeque easy

Basically Savu is a hidden gem, signal of phone only telkomsel; if you harm yourself better bring some first aid kit

How to Get There

Best way to explore savu is by boat, took cruising boat from kupang took about 2 days to reach Seba (savu's harbour) anchorage with breathtaking views of ocean waves

Tips and Trick wisata di ntt

Bargain, although they have given cheap prices (sarong about 1.5 meter for 300.000/ $20)

Use mosquitoes repellent, although not like sumbawa, be careful of mosquitoes

Explore but bring guide, some local have good english and are really helpful but with indonesian guide it will make it easier

Don't be flashy, during my stay i found savu are safe, but flashy with cash may lure some trouble

Where to Stay wisata di ntt

Elsye's homestay or on the boat
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