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Bandung Chinatown

chinatown bandung

It's a place to see Chinese culture in Bandung.
What to Do

Bandung Chinatown is like a place to see different culture in Bandung. To enter the place, you must pay Rp30k. 

Here, there are tons of interesting photo spots. 

It's a good place to visit with your family or friends and take pictures. But in some room, you have to do the queue because some rooms are crowded.

The other things to do here, is to try the food. There are some food stalls here, but for the payment is NON-CASH. 

How to Get There

To go there, you can take 'Ojek Online' or your private transportation. 

Tips and Trick chinatown bandung

You can buy the ticket via online booking (sometimes you'll get a cheaper price). 

Please make sure not to sit on the stone in front of the photo stall and watch your kids while you're there. 

And if you want to take photo, but it's too crowded. Try to look for a stall that is empty first. You can come back to the stall after. It would consume less time i think. 


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