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10 Apr 2018

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China Art Museum

Covering about 39 acres, this is one of the largest museums in Asia.

What to Do china art museum

China Art Museum was opened on 1st October 2012 which was previously the China Pavilion of Expo 2010. Covering about 39 acres, this is one of the largest museums in Asia. 

china art museum

There are twenty-seven exhibition halls are aminly distributed among the 49 meter floor, the 41 meter floor, the 33 meter floor and the 0 meter floor. A top down visiting route is recommended. The basic exhibitions include four themes: the Origin of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art, Artworks Featuring Shanghai's Historical and Cultural Development, the Artwoks of Noted Painters and Arts Development in the New Century.

china art museum

china art museum

Beside the four basic exhibitions, there are two excellent paintings in China Art Museum. The highlight of the museum collections - the painting "Immortals Toasting the Birthday of Heavenly Queen Mother" - is exhibited in Hall 4, of the 49 meter floor.

china art museum

china art museum

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How to Get There china art museum

On my last visit in Shanghai, I visited China Art Museum which located at 205 Shangnan Rd, Pudong Xinqu. To go there, you can take Metro Line 8 and get off at Zhonghua Yishugong Station or Line 7 and get off at Yuntailu Station, then take exit 6 and walk north for about 700 meters. Beside metro, you can also take bus no 83, 314, 454, 1049 or Nanchuan Line and get off at Xueyelu Shangnanlu Station, then keep walking until you find a crossroad, turn north and walk along the Shangnan Road around 300 meters to find the museum.

china art museum

Tips and Trick china art museum

  • Prepare your passport to get free ticket.
  • This museum is from Tuesday - Sunday at 10 am to 6 pm. Monday is closed except on public holiday.
  • Bring camera.
  • You can rent the audio guide with fee 20 Yuan and deposit about 200 Yuan.
  • This museum is available for wheel chair, you just have to save deposit about 200 Yuan and free rent.
  • Keep this place clean.

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