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19 Mar 2018

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Boudhanath - The Biggest Stupa in South Asia

Boudhanath is home to one the most important stupas outside of Tibet and the biggest stupas in the South Asia.

What to Do boudhanath stupa

Boudhanath is home to one the most important stupas outside of Tibet and the biggest stupas in the South Asia. This stupa is surrounded by a pleasant courtyard that contains the Tamang Gompa amongst numerous traditional shops which is selling singing bowls, thankas, prayer wheels and so on.

boudhanath stupa

Entering the Stupa's area, you'll feel the spirtuals ambience and meet people from around the world. Many activities that visitors can do in Boudhanath. I see people pray together at the top of the stupa, beside there are people walking around stupa while touch the bells. They touch the bell while praying.

boudhanath stupa

boudhanath stupa

Video by JoeJourneys

FYI, this stupa was survived from earthquake in 2005, only the stupa's central pinnacle was damaged and the stucco work of the dome. On October 2016 the work was completed. The admission fee for foreigners is about 400 Rupees per peson.

boudhanath stupa

How to Get There boudhanath stupa

Hello guys, been awhile!! Well, today I'd like to share my journey to Nepal with my High School mates. Actually, this is pur reunion trip and we choose Nepal as our destination. I've never been to Nepal, so as my friends. So, this is our first time visit this wonderful country.

Anyway, we start our journey from Bandar Lampung Airport to Cengkareng, Jakarta, because there's no direct airlines to Nepal from Bandar Lampung. Then continue to transit at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and arrive at Kathmandu International Airport in the night. Arriving at Kathamandu, I check in directly at hotel for rest and continue to explore the city on the next day. 

boudhanath stupa

On the second day, my first destination is visit Boudhanath. It's not too far from my hotel, only 20 minutes by taxi but the traffic jam make it longer. Or you can take mini van bus from Kathmandu city which depart from anywhere around Ring Road with cost about 25 Rupees.


Tips and Trick boudhanath stupa

  • Prepare your passport with minimmum valid 6 months.
  • For Indonesian, you can buy VOA (Visa on Arrival) at immigration.
  • Check the weather before you go.
  • Book flight and hotel long day before your visit.
  • Wear polite dress when you come to this stupa.
  • Bring camera, but don't take picture without permission.
  • Don't climb the stupa or any others building because it's dangerous.
  • Put off your shoes.
  • Be quite because this stupa is a holy place.
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