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05 Feb 2018

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Giethoorn - The Venice of Holland

Giethoorn is like fairy tale village. Green everywhere, no pollution and very quite.

What to Do giethoorn

Giethoorn is like fairy tale village. Green everywhere, no pollution and very quite. You'll not see any motor transportation around here, you just see water boat, cycle and people walking around this village. Giethoorn become one of free pollution village in the world, there's no highway, but canals. That's why this village called as "The Venice of Netherlands".


Giethoorn become most populer village in Netherlands because this village has water line as the main traffic transportation. Moreover, this village also has wonderful scenery with canals way until 88 kilo metres. All of houses there have their own canals way. Anyway, all of the houses here are vintage style with tatched roof. Very unique, isn't it?


Best way to enjoy Giethoorn is by using boat. You can take boat tour around this village with price from 7,5 Euro for 1 hour tour. During this tour, you'll see many bridges which connect home residents with souvenir shops, gallery arts or museum. 



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How to Get There giethoorn

Hello guys, looking for some place for next summer vacay? I'll recommend you to visit one of free pollution village in the world, Giethoorn. Giethoorn is located in Zwolle, near Amsterdam. To reach this beautiful wonderland village, you can take train or rent car from Amsterdam to Zwolle which need an hour trip. Before entering to Giethoorn, you have to park your car in car park, in the side on village, then continue by walk, cycle or water transportation because you'll not allowed to entering this village by using any transportation which caused pollution.


Tips and Trick giethoorn

So, are you interest to visit this wonderful village? before you go there, there are some tips that you must know:

  • Keep this place clean and green by not throw any rubbish and broke the plants or trees.
  • No motor vehicle, all you can use are boat, cycle or walk.
  • Bring camera for taking picture this fairy tale village.
  • If you feeling hungry and thirsty, you can find many restaurants and cafe around this tourims village.
  • Wanna stay over in this village? you can find many guest house in this village, you will not find any Stars Hotel in this village.
  • Best thing you can do to explore this village is by took boar tour, but talking is good also.
  • Best time to visit this wonderful city is in Summer, but there will be so many tourists from around the world come to this village also.
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