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30 Jan 2018

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Amer Fort

Amer fort is located in thr top of hill where you can see Maota lake from above.

What to Do amer fort jaipur

Amer fort is located in thr top of hill where you can see Maota lake from above. This fort was house for Rajput's family until Jaipur city is finish constructed. Before entering to Amer Fort, all of the overseas visitor have to buy admission fee about RS 200 per person. This fort remind me to Great Wall China  because they have giant wall, moreover tis fort have a palace which to go there you have to take the stairs. Anyway, you can choose to go there by walk, jeep or an elephant.

amer fort jaipur

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This palace was built on 1550 on Cheel ka Teela which mean Eagle Hill. Cheel ka Teela is part og Aravali hills which extend as far as 692 kilometres in northern India. There's garden beside the lake and mostly visitors pass this garden to enter the palace. This garden name is Dil Aram Bagh which mean reassure.

amer fort jaipur

Walked to main gate which called Suraj Pol, it has meaning sun gate. This gate is very high and has Hindu elements decor. There's few windows which used by the guard for watching people who enter the palace. This gate also become the silent witness of victory from war.

amer fort jaipur

This palace is wonderful, when you walking around, you'll see some historical place such as Diwan I am, is a place for the king and the society confabulated. 

amer fort jaipur

And from this fort, you can see the city view from above. What a stunning view..

amer fort jaipur

How to Get There amer fort jaipur

Hi guys, I'd like to share about my experience in India. India is not about Taj Mahal, because beside Delhi and Agra, Jaipur is one of must visit city in India. For reach Jaipur, you can train from Delhi which need 6 hours trip. FYI, Jaipur is one of the most crowded city in India but they have so many interesting places for visit. From Jaipur Station, you can take bus to Amer Fort with fare about RS10.

amer fort jaipur

Tips and Trick amer fort jaipur

Need 1 - 3 hours for exploring this fort, you need to wear comfortable shoes for explore this fort. You can take picture around the palace and buy some souvenirs typical of Jaipur. You can find so many souvenir sellers around this fort. Jaipur weather is sunny, don't forget to wear hat and sunglasses. This fort is open daily from 9 am to 4.30 pm, so what are waiting for? go visit this icon of Jaipur city :)

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