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Dublin City, Dublin, Ireland | Botanic Garden
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National Botanic Gardens Dublin

national botanic garden dublin

Dublin have some interesting places to explore and National Botanic Garden is become my first destination.
What to Do

Feeling a little bit jet lag but I still have any energy to explore this beautiful city. Dublin have some interesting places to explore and National Botanic Garden is become my first destination. National Botanic Gardens established in 1975 by the Royal Dublin Society. This botanic is free to enter and very pleasant on a clear day. During winter, this garden open daily from 9 am to 4.30 pm on Monday to friday and open from 10 am to 4.30 pm on weekend. The best time to visit this garden is on Summer because they open from 9 am to 5 pm in weekday and open from 10 am to 6 pm on weekend or public holidays. 

national botanic garden dublin

This gardens have over 20.000 varieties of plants, flowers and trees including a vegetable garden and a rose garden. Moreover, they have local wildlife such as ducks, squirrels and rabbits which life in this 20 hectares Garden. Lucky me, I was visited on spring when the flowers are blossom and the weather is very pleasant. 

national botanic garden dublin

national botanic garden dublin

The botanical gardens has a set of large and distinctive glasshouses which built in 19th century by Dubliner Richard Turner, he was an innovator in the use of wrought iron and curved glass. This glasshousses known as the Great Palm House contains of orchids, tropical water plans, palm trees and succulents. 

national botanic garden dublin

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How to Get There

Hi guys, after very long flight from Surabaya to Dublin and transit in 2 differents countries, Singapore and German, finally I'm arrived at Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. After check in at hotel, my first destination is National Botanic Gardens which located in Glasnevin, Dublin 9. Only 3.5 kilo meters away from Dublin City Center and need 20 minutes trip to arrive at the garden by taxi. 


Tips and Trick national botanic garden dublin

Dublin is one of the crowd city in the world, but you can get calm ambience in this garden. Moreover, this garden have education and tour center where you can take tour with the guide. But, if you won't add extra cost for tour, you can explore this garden by yourself because there's a map in this garden will guide you. For you who love photography, don't forget to bring camera for capturing any bautiful spots in this garden.

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