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Playing Snow at Mount Titlis

mount titlis

As a tropical creature, I feel so happy when I touch the snow!!!
What to Do

As a tropical creature, I feel so happy when I touch the snow. I know it's too much, although this is not my first snow but I feel excited to playing snow because Mount Titlis has become my dreams since I were kid. Mount Titlis' high about 3020 above sea level and for reach the top of the mountain, you can take cable car. The entrance fee and cable car ticket are already include on the tour package, so I don't have to pay again.

mount titlis

Video by: Swiss Drone

Mount Titlis has everlasting snow and the temperature is very cold, especially on December. Lucky me, it's January already, although still winter but the weather is not too cold. It's not a big deal, because I want to play snow. Hehehe..

Beside playing snow or ski, you can visit the glacier cave which located in the third part of Mount Titlis. This cave is very amazing, everything are made from snow and there are lighting inside the cave. 

mount titlis

Another things that you can do in Mount Titlis is walk through the bridge to see view of Mount Titlis. I was doubt to do that, but it's very fun. You have to walk through the very long bridge with scary beautiful view. 

mount titlis

Moreover, at the top of the mountain, you'll find the sledding area where you can play snow boarding, skiing or making snowman. This place is very interesting for children..

mount titlis


How to Get There

Beside Uetliberg, you can also enjoy the snow in Mount Titlis. Actually, this mountain is quite far from Zurich and because this is my last day in Switzerland, so I have to visit Mount Titlis. For saving time, I choose go there by using tour with price about CHF 159 per person. No need waiting for so long, this tour started from Zurich to Engelberg, the nearest city to Mount Titlis and during this trip I pass the beautiful villages.  

mount titlis

Tips and Trick mount titlis

For the one who have never been go to Mount Titlis, beter you choose tour package and you can find it here. This trip need 9,5 hours and mostly exclude meals, so you have to bring additional cost for lunch there or you can bring snack. There's a restaurant in Mount Titlis, you don't have to worry when you get tired and hungry. But, the food price in this restaurant are little bit pricey. For you ho wants to saving money, better bring meals from the town. 

The temperature reach 0 celcius degree, so wear your winter coat, comfortable shoes (the snow is very slick), scraft, gloves and socks. Bring additional medicine if you have special disease and always be safe. So, when you'll visit Mount Titlis? :)

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