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Taj Mahal - The Silent Witness of Love

taj mahal

Finally, I'm visiting one of 7 Wonders of the World!
What to Do

Finally, I arrive at Taj Mahal. Before go inside, I buy entrance fee about RS 800 per person. Actually, this is price for tourist because if you're Indian, the price will be cheaper. Before I tell you more about this magical building, kindly watch this video first..

Video by askfranklin

Taj Mahal was built on 1631 and need 22 years to finish it. This building was build for Mumtaz Mahal's grief, but also has mosque, house and garden. Taj Mahal was built from Rajashtan's White Marbel. In the outside wall decorate with writing of the Quran.  

In 1983, Taj Mahal officially listed on UNESCO'S World Heritage and crown as one of influental moslem legacy. Beside the main building, Taj Mahal's gate is also amazing. It has 28 meters high and there are 2 doors which towrds to outside door and to the garden. On the 2 doors, there are 11 small domes for each door, in total there are 22 domes which describe total year of Taj Mahal's development.

Many people think that Taj Mahal is a Mosque, but it's a grave that build by a King for her wife because the king love her so much. That's why he made super special grave for her.

Beside the luxurious building, Taj Mahal has wide beautiful garden with long water fountain from the entrance gate. Looks like walk in the carpet. In this complex, you can visit the mosque also. This mosque also has amazing design and many Indian moslem go there for pray.

How to Get There

Hi guys, this is my second day in New Delhi. Yesterday, my plane landed on New Delhi on 11 pm so that I couldn't visit any tourism place and directly check in hotel. This day, I'm going to visit one of 7 Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal which located in Agra, India. Starting my journey from New Delhi to Agra by train, it need 2 hours trip, so that I don't have to stay at Agra.

Many people said that India is very dirt and crowd, it's indeed actually but it doesn't matter for me. This is my dream come true for visiting Taj Mahal and I want to go there before I die. Arriving in Agra, actually this city is more worst than New Delhi. The station is very crowd, many taxi drivers and ticket scalper snatch away the passengers. Hufftt, feel like surrounded by many piranhas.

I took taxi from Agra Station to Taj Mahal, I won't waste my time in Agra because I've to catch my train to New Delhi at 8 pm this night.

Tips and Trick taj mahal

Before entrance to Taj Mahal, you should prepare for security check in front of the building. Don't bring large bag inside the building. This building is open daily, except Friday. Wearing polite dress and comfortable shoes. Keep this place clean, no smoking and don't litter :)

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