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Genting, Pahang, Malaysia | Theme Park
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One Day in Genting Highland Themepark

genting highland

Hi guys, welcome back with me! Still in Malaysia and now I'm going to spend my whole day in Genting Highland ThemePark..
What to Do

Arriving at Genting, I go directly to Cable Car Station. The cable car consist of 8 persons and need 30 minutes to arrive in Genting Highland. Anyway, during this trip the view is very amazing. You'll see the green forest from above. This is the most excitement during this trip, bacause I never ride cable car before.

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genting highlandgenting highland

Genting Highland is the largest family attraction in Malaysia. It offering many interetsing activities and amusement rides in mountain environment. You can explore more than 50 types of riders, such as roller coaster, ferris wheels, swings, carousels, trains, cars and ships. Boating, archery and go-karts are another choice of activities which you can enjoy in this themepark. 

genting highlandgenting highland

Beside all the attractions, Genting also famous with the Casino. Many visitors wants to visit Genting Highland only for gambling, make sure you or your children don't come inside to this place. Except, you really come for gambling. highland


How to Get There

Starting my journey from KL Central to Genting by Genting Express Bus Service. This trip take 60 minutes and the bus fare is about MYR 13 for one way ticket. This bus operates daily from 7.30 am to 9 pm.

genting highland

Tips and Trick genting highland

If you're going to visit Genting Themepark, better you buy the ticket online or you can buy it in KL Central, Pudu Raya Terminal and Main Station. The entrance fee for adults MYR 30 and children MYR 28, it's usually include bus and cable car. This themepark is open daily from 10 am to 12 pm, so you can explore this place all day long. This park is very wide and the weather a littl bit cool, so wear confortable shoes and bring jacket just in case you'll feel freeze. For you who won't stay in Genting, don't forget to buy return ticket for bus and cable car. 

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