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Jade Garden

jade garden

Jade Garden is a small Europe in the forest which located in Gangwon-do, Chuncheon, South Korea.
What to Do

Have you watch one of Korean Melodrama That Winter The Wind Blows? yes, that drama which is played by Song Hye Kyo and Jong In Sung was taken in this garden as the setting.

            jade garden

Jade Garden is a small Europe in the forest which located in Gangwon-do, Chuncheon, South Korea. This garden is called small Europe because the building has Europe architecture with red brick and surrounded by forest. Arriving there, I pay admission fee about KRW 8500 per person. This garden was opened since 28 April 2011 and open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. 

 jade garden

Jade Garden also become cultivation place of many flowers, trees and plants which set like in Europe. Beside nature forest, you can also find cafe which served coffee and snacks and souvenirs shop. Unfortunately, I can't show you the flowers and the green forest because it's still snowy and everything is white. But, I like it! You know, spending winter in Korea is always the best choice :)

A lot of things to do in this garden during winter season, such taking picture, making snowman or just sit in the cafe while enjoy a cup of coffee.

   jade garden

jade garden

This building is consist of 2 floors where in first floor is consist of cafe with souvenirs shop in the left side and the second floor is empty space. I wish I could visit Song Hye Kyo's room in the drama but this room is not open for public.

Behind this garden, there is a nature forest which full of casuarina tree, garden and small river. But, once again because it's winter I can't see any flower in this garden. Anyway, you can visit Song Hye Kyo's Greenhouse in That Winter the Wind Blows Drama which very famous. 

jade garden

The adventageous of visiting Jade Garden in Winter is the visitors are not too crowded, so I could take picture as long as I want. LOL

Video by I Want 2 Go 2 Korea


How to Get There

Hi guys, it's winter time!! This is my first time visit Korea in Winter, so if you're going to spent your winter vacation in Korea, beside visit Nami Island & Petite France, I suggest you to visit Jade Garden which located near both of places. Or you can take train, from Sangbong Station to Gulbongsan Station then continue to Jade Garden by bus.

Tips and Trick jade garden

  • The best time to visit this garden is in spring.
  • In winter, there is no shuttle bus to this garden. Better you take taxi from Gulbongsan Station.
  • Bring good camera
  • Take your loved ones

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