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Ho Chi Minh, Gia Dinh, Viet Nam | Historical Places
13 Nov 2017

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Exploring Vietcong Headquarters in Cu Chi Tunnel

This is my second day in Ho Chi Minh City and I'll explore one of famous place in this city!

What to Do ho chi minh

Before go inside, I buy entrance fee VND 70.000, this price is include tour guide. From the ticket box to the entrance gate still need to walk to the forest around 15 minutes. Arriving at entrance to the tunnel, follow the direction and I'm arrived at meeting point. In this meeting point, I'm waiting for the others members. After that, I go to audio visual building for watching documentary movie about this tunnel. The guide show me where is the entrance of this tunnes and it's invisible, guys! I really can't see the entrance. When the guide pull the door, there is small hole which become the entrance and everyone go inside one by one.

                 ho chi minh

This entrance size around 30 cm x 30 cm and has length around 200 km. I explored it by crawl on hands and knees very slowly. This tunnel was used for Vietcong (Vietnamese Soldier) to hide from American soldier in 1957 - 1975. Inside this tunnel, they can do normal activity such as cooking, sewing, meeting, sleeping  and also there is hospital. 

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Also, they put trap for American soldier so they could fall and strike hard to pointed bamboo. Until this time, smoe trap still active and Vietnamese Soldier try to domesticate the trap. 

                 ho chi minh

This tunnel was created only by using mattock, so I could imagine how hard their life at the past time in this place. Life in small hole, minimum oxygen and of course dark.

                ho chi minh

Now, Cu Chi Tunnel is become one of important historical site in Vietnam which is very beautiful and interesting to explore. So, when you guys visit Vietnam, don't forget to explore this place. 


                                                                                    Watch this video for further information:


                                                                                     Video by : Hey, Nadine

How to Get There ho chi minh

Welcome back guys! This is my second day in Ho Chi Minh City and I'll explore one of famous place in this city, Cu Chi Tunnel. I stay in 96 Bui Vien Guest House which located in Bui Vien Street. From this street, I go to BEN CV 23/9 Bus Terminal which located Le lai Street, near Bui Vien Street. From this terminal, take bus number 13 to Cu Chi Tunnel Bus Terminal. The fare of this bus is around VND 7000. 

                               ho chi minh

The trip to Cu Chi Tunnel bus terminal need I hour and arriving there, continue to Cu Ci Tunnels (Ben Duoc Tunnels) by bus number 79 with fare around VND 6000. This trip need 45 minutes to arrive in Cu Chi Tunnel. Meanwhile, enjoy the journey by see view from bus' window. I can see villages typical of Vietnamese and field. Very beautiful. After 45 minutes trip, I see direction to Cu Chi Tunnel. Stop there and welcome to Cu Chi Tunnel.

                              ho chi minh

                              ho chi minh   

Tips and Trick ho chi minh

  • Use comforable shoes
  • Bring camera
  • Bring mineral water
  • Use tour guide
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