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Seogwipo, Jeju Island, Korea, Republic of | Museum
03 Nov 2017

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Teddy Bear Museum – Home of Teddy Bear in South Korea

Visit this museum will bring you to Teddy Bear’s world because they illustrate activity and story!

What to Do teddy bear museum

Arriving at Jeju International Airport, I took a cab to go to Teddy Bear Museum. Arriving there, I should pay the admission fee aroun KRW 10.000.This is the most adorable museum in the world! This museum was built on April 2011 and open from 09.00 - 19.00 but in summer this museum open at 09.00 - 22.00. This adorable museum consists of 2 showrooms, gift shop, café and a garden where you can view of Jungmun Beach. Visit this museum will bring you to Teddy Bear’s world because they illustrate activity and story, such as the development of Seoul City, Monalisa Paint, Einstein even the Beatles. 

teddy bear museum

First showroom, I see the old town Seoul at the time of Chosun Empire. Also, I watch the process establishment of Seoul as capital city of Chosun Empire. Everything shown on miniature of Teddy Bears that seemed alive. On the second showroom, this room decorate as Seoul nowadays. Starting from Myeongdong, Seoul City Hall and so on. 

teddy bear museum

Besides, this museum also has outdoor areas named Teddy's forest. In this place, there are so many Teddy Bear statues so I could take picture with them. Now, I know why this museum called Home of Teddy Bear because there are thousands Teddy Bear around and I met them everywhere, in indoor and outdoor area. Very adorable!!

teddy bear museum

After tired of exploring, I stop by at the Teseum Caffe for enjoy a cup of coffee with Jungmun Beach View.

teddy bear museum


Before leaving this adorable museum, I visit the gift shop to buy some Teddy Bear and I wish I could stay any longer here..

teddy bear museum


                                                   Watch this Video for more excitement: Video by RecordLifeMedia





How to Get There teddy bear museum

Still in South Korea, but now I move to one of beutiful island called Jeju Island. Besides Nami Island, Jeju Island also has become favourite destination for tourist when come to South Korea. I am very courious with one of popular museum in this island known as Teddy Bear Museum. As a girl, who doesn't love Teddy Bear? I think every girl love this lovely bear as I am. There are so many ways to go to Jeju Island. You can go by plane or ferry. For saving time, I choose by airplane even though the cost is more expensive. So, I choose fly with Eastarjet because this is the cheapest one and the first flight to Jeju from Gimpo airport. 

teddy bear museum



Tips and Trick teddy bear museum

  • Bring Beautiful Camera for take many pictures with Teddy Bear
  • Keep this Museum clean
  • Buy some Teddy Bear gift
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