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03 Nov 2017

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Petite France – Little France in South Korea

This is a local tourism that famous because of the most popular reality show in South Korea “Running Man” and many Korean Dramas use this location for shooting!

What to Do petite france

Petite France or in English we could say Little France is an area where all of the building is France architecture. This is a local tourism that famous because of the most popular reality show in South Korea “Running Man” and many Korean Dramas use this location for shooting, such as “You Who Come From The Stars”& "Secret Garden". After buy entrance fee around KRW 8000, I get in to this park.

petite france 

petite france

I could enjoy beautiful scenery of lake and mountain and there is a place where I can see the whole areas. This place like playground which has concept flowers, stars and the Little Prince. Besides, it contains a memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the author of Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince). Also, a gallery displaying sculptures and paintings of le coq gaulois, the national symbol of France, a souvenir shop and many more. 

petite france

One thing that must not be missed, collect stamp themed The Little Prince from the whole area. If you could collect ten stickers, you will get souvenir which can redeemed at information centre. This place is not to wide, so it doesn’t need much time to explore this area. Don't forget to enjoy France traditonal food and once again, I'm feeling lucky because I could watch puppet and magic show in the sidewalk.

petite france


                                                 Watch this Video for more excitement : Video by Dody Febriarto


How to Get There petite france

Satisfied explore Namiseon, I decided to visit Petite France located near Namiseon. Lucky me, because I still keeping my bus ticket from Gapyeong to Namiseon so I don’t need to buy the new one. To visit Petite France, I take bus from Namiseon port. The buses are available at 13.15, 14.15 & 15.15 and need around 30 minutes to go there.

petite france

Tips and Trick petite france

  • Bring good camera for capture every single spot
  • Prepare yourself for trekking
  • Bring mineral water
  • Wear comfortable shoes
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